Online Forum Integration

  • Apr 24, 2018

Online forums provide site visitors with a chance to connect, share ideas, communicate and collaborate. Site visitors get a way to participate in a community and feel like they’re actually a part of something. Moreover, online forums often consist of a variety of different technology tools, including message board forums, chat, instant messaging and more. In fact, community members join the forum and use these tools to communicate, while your company moderates the discussion and makes sure it's achieving your business goals.

A wide variety of businesses can benefit from setting up online customer forums. Companies that manufacture products may field questions from customers about how to put together their products, or customers may write in with suggestions for other uses for the products. At the same time, service companies can use the forums to answer a lot a variety of questions about their offerings.

Define distinctive features you are willing to see in your forum

Each forum plugin will provide users with diverse features. For example, some plugins will allow your community members to receive email notifications about certain discussions, but other plugins will allow community members to embed videos, photos, and other media into discussions.

Align Your Forum with Your Business Goals

Integrating your community with other tech systems lets you track how engagement activities influence business goals like revenue and retention. You can see how sales increase as customers participate in discussions or how renewals spike when your association launches a new professional development webinar in your community.

Use that data to align your member engagement strategy with business goals. You can improve retention by reaching out to struggling customers who often visit your help forums, for instance. Your sales team can also identify upgrade as you encourage more members to visit your product and pricing pages. Track your success by tying activity and engagement to business results through your integration’s data.

An online community provides a venue where your customers can engage with each other and your brand post-purchase, turning them from fans into brand advocates, increasing brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.

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