Chatbot Integration

  • Sep 6, 2018

Chatbots are interactive applications created to automate easy routine communication tasks. By the way, chatbots are expected to be the greatest invention. In addition, they can effectively substitute live chat operators or, at least, do a great amount of the work instead of them.

It goes without saying that chatbot fits perfectly in any business. We should admit, nowadays people prefer online communication to a real interaction. That’s an actual fact that we need to realize to get quick requests, feedbacks and provide «trending» service.


Basically, AI engines are becoming smarter. Furthermore, they can be configured to understand misspelled words and abbreviations, learn new words and correctly process a client’s request. The digital assistant receives the account data via API and evaluates it. Your chatbot will need a knowledge base to answer questions from a lexicon so that it can understand the questions it’s asked. Therefore, the chatbot is so easy to use.


Even though there are many good alternatives like contact forms, phone calls and emails, chatbots remain the fastest and the most convenient way to connect. Compared to live web chats, chatbots are typically based on messaging apps and their unique advantage is that they are personal and mobile.

The significant advantages are:

  • Improving shopping experience by minimizing wait time (chatbots can provide instant answers to many of the common questions customers may have when examining products)

  • Providing 24/7 support (a chatbot is always available, day and night, on weekends and public holidays)

  • Reminding visitors about the unfinished orders and providing answers to common questions (as a result – an increasing profit)

  • Time-saving (targeted search for answers enables significant time savings for users and, as a result, improves your services)

  • The ability to process a big amount of customer requests simultaneously (the quicker a respond- the more chances for deserving a loyalty)

By all means, chatbots don’t just provide assistance and product recommendations but they also sell. All things considered, a great number of consumers are eager to buy with the help of a chatbot. That makes it a great buying medium.

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