How Really Small Business Can Use Smart Contracts

  • Apr 6, 2018

Smart contracts are a specific type of agreement created and stored on a blockchain, designed to facilitate legally binding, self-executing transactions between parties. At the other end, they without a doubt signify an agreement between parties that is stored on and completed by a blockchain.

Nevertheless, smart contracts not only define the guidelines and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but it can also automatically enforce those obligations. The execution of a contract is transparent and cannot be manipulated by any or all of the involved parties.

Smart Contracts Use Cases and Benefits

Statistic Maintaining

Almost every foreseeable enterprise might be able to use smart contracts to assist enhance the rate and security of its document preserving. Moreover, blockchain era could permit entire databases of personal records to be securely encrypted and stored.

Fraud reduction

Since smart contracts are saved in a distributed blockchain network, their final result is validated by everyone in that network. Therefore, no one can force control to manipulate to release different people’s finances or facts, as all different blockchain members would spot this and mark such a try as invalid.

Safety, Speed and Transparency

Documents are encrypted, making them near-impenetrable by hackers. What is more, smart contracts saving you precious time. For certain organizations like governments, smart contracts could add another level of transparency to dealings.


Smart contracts can also enhance healthcare. Furthermore, they are able to streamline tactics for insurance trials, increase access to cross-institutional data, and boost confidence in patient privacy.

Legal Issues

The traditional model of resolving legal issues and certifying documents is also giving way to smart contracts. Additionally, smart contracts eliminate the need for notarization, offering not only an automated and unbiased but also a cost-efficient solution.

Authorship and Intellectual Property Rights

No doubt that privacy and authorship violations are a big issue within the entertainment industry. Making a transparent registry of authorship on a blockchain is an ambitious example of how smart contracts may improve the current state of affairs.

Modern technologies change our lives in many ways. Some of them provide us with new possibilities and allow to optimize the existing technological processes. Smart contracts are not only faster and cheaper but also avoid the errors, save you money since they knock out the presence of an intermediary.

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