How Brick Stores Can Win Against Amazon Expansion

  • Feb 23, 2018

Despite approved E-commerce stores such as Amazon have made all to be at the top of the competition with offline retailers, it doesn’t imply that brick stores can’t challenge with online traders.

Firstly, by choosing the proper strategy and tactic you’ll see that competing for attention with e-commerce stores is entirely possible. Let’s go deeper into the essence of things. Analyzing and understanding the following points can keep customers coming back to you over the competition.

Individual Approach

E-commerce sites are able to introduce in-store services that online merchants can’t. Besides, personal services are something that you could offer. Moreover, every type of personalized service is just the essential thing that retailers need to focus on to keep their business growing. By the way, it should include an assist to find items that match their budget and necessities, the provision of excellent REAL customer service.

Draw attention to the rapidity

Online shoppers practically always have to wait for purchases to reach their destination at least one day. Even with Amazon Prime, free shipping still takes two days. Indeed, as a brick trader, you can adapt this to your benefit by focusing on your ability to provide instant gratification from the so-called deal to your dedicated customers.

Be resilient with payments

It is important to note that stores that are flexible with payments can poach customers from online sites. However, give a thought of being more resilient with payments. For considerable reasons, you can implement partial payments, split payments, and installment payment option. In other words, giving shoppers an alternative for choosing the most convenient payment could make a great deal and distinguish you from your competitors.

Stay competitive with price formation

While price establishing is a common tactic that brick stores use to convert customers who’d otherwise shop online, it can also kill your financial gain. For that reason, you have to be more inventive when pricing products and crafting promotions. The usage of promo, sales, season discounts are still important.

Be online

To put it in a nutshell, realize that you definitely need to have an e-commerce presence. Basically, not having a digital component indicates your loss of potential customers. Therefore, by creating an online store you double your potential. Many cloud-based solutions provide templates, drag-and-drop interfaces, and other tools to make it incredibly simple to set up an e-commerce site. It’s important to point out that when setting up your online store, be sure to integrate it with your brick locations. In fact, learning of new techniques and approaches gives you a self-assurance to be at the edge of competition. There's a great quote from Albert Einstein "Once we stop learning, we start dying."

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