How to Increase Your Communicative Skills 

  • Jun 8, 2018

The first step towards being more social is acknowledging that it is a long-term process. Moreover, do not expect things to happen overnight. Additionally, do not try to achieve all at once.

Voice of Success

The energy in your voice can give the message that you are sending. Determine some important questions: Are you delivering your point with confidence? Does your message sound positive or negative? What feeling is your tone of voice reflecting?

Choice of Words

Nevertheless, your choice of words and language in a meeting can sometimes persuade opinions to go in your favor or do the reverse. Keep in mind to be careful when choosing your words and avoid language that makes assumptions or discriminates.

Body Language Usage

It’s really wise to use these techniques that can guarantee your best communicative experience. For the fist, reduce the distance between you and the other person, maintain eye contact and make occasional gestures towards the other person. Secondly, be open with your emotions-if you’re happy or surprised, show that on your face.

Engage Active Listening

When you are not speaking make sure that you are practicing good listening skills. Actively listening can improve and expand communicative skills and can help better understand your listeners.

Empathy with and interest in others' situations

A major part of social anxiety is self consciousness, which is greatly alleviated by focusing strongly on someone else. A fascination (even if forced at first) with another's conversation not only increases your comfort levels, it makes them feel interesting.

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