The Future of AR

  • Feb 27, 2018

Daily, all of us consume information from a number of sources. The multiplicity of media feeds our desire to find out more. Any new communication technology is a chance to achieve an audience better, more efficiently or obtain an even larger audience. They key is to determine how to turn it to your benefit.

A number of progressive companies are getting in on the AR actions already, including The New Yorker magazine, Vespa, and Hell Pizza.

For What Reasons Does it Help to Promote?

To revive interest in their print publication The New York created magazine covers that permitted viewers to use their mobile devices to generate 3D images.

Italian scooter company Vespa created AR magazine ads that allowed users to scan the ad on their mobile device, customize their own 3D scooter, and take it for a virtual test drive.

AR works better rather than just telling a reader to see the ad directly from the web page. Why don’t you try it for only considerable reasons? If you accept a new technology fast, you may strike before the audience is prepared. But if you come in too late, then your opponents might surpass you.

Making links between the offline and online worlds is among the largest challenges in contemporary marketing and Augmented Reality has an amazing potential to make this actual!

From the objective point of view, it is very likely that companies will begin to have more involved and engaged in AR advertising as the technology gets more victorious.

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