The Best Ways for Print Shops to Get More Loyal Customers in the Digital World

  • Mar 16, 2018

Every part of print marketing strategies is still really crucial, mainly in today’s based on competition digital universe. It goes without saying that mastery how to merge print and digital marketing productively surely increase the company’s expansion.

Through the impact on social media, blog posts and other online tools traditional marketing strategies in print are appearing to be overshadowed by digital marketing techniques. However, the print should obtain a remarkable impact on marketing.

It is often said that while you concentrate on either print or digital, you are not taking into consideration favorable opportunities that these marketing techniques provide when used in conjunction. One cannot deny that discovering ways to blend the two can result in a much broader and more powerful way. There are a number of strategic ways to integrate print and digital marketing such as:

QR Codes as a Marketing Tactic

Quick Response or QR codes are barcodes which contain data about an item to which it is attached. The QR code system became popular outside the automotive industry due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity. Customers scan the QR codes with their smartphones, and the inserted code addresses their device to your company’s website. QR codes are effortless to use and provide a quick response. By all means, QR codes are advertising of the future.

Brand Hashtags and Links to Engage Audience

From booklets to business cards, traditional print marketing materials should promote links to your official company websites and social media pages, as well as your branded hashtags. Nevertheless, while these print materials are denoted to provide contact information for fascinated consumers, phone numbers and physical addresses are not enough with a digital phonebook at our fingertips. Besides, it focuses attention on your company’s online presence, which is crucial for marketing success in the digital world.

Current Promo, Offers, Coupons, Discounts

Moreover, you should introduce print and digital marketing to publicize your current promotions and discounts in a more productive way. However, one more way to consolidate print and digital is to offer printable coupons online. This is an easy approach to encourage foot traffic in your store or place of business. You can effectively use offers to help increase customer loyalty and dignity. Print ads advertising special discount should involve your company’s website address, which inspires your dedicated audience to find out more online. If your business uses e-commerce, you can also use verification codes in print marketing to drive traffic to your site. Try out a tagline like, “Use this verification code to get a discount online!” to increase conversion rates.

To draw the conclusion, one can say that it makes sense, instead of neglecting wise print marketing strategies, find approaches to use print in conjunction with digital methods to build strong relations and to be a magnet for customers.

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Anthony Lancaster