Secure Online Forms

  • Jul 23, 2018

When you need to collect information, learn people’s preferences, or gather feedback, there’s nothing better than a form. Forms can be boring—but they don't have to be. By the way, even the most traditional form app can be exciting if it's helping your business grow. Using secure online forms to transition to a digital workflow is a great way to cut down on physical paperwork.

Online Secure Web Forms Establishment

Online forms are easy to add to your workflow, starting with getting them on your website. Just be sure that your website has the right security in place first. Once you’re sure that’s in place it’s easy to put secure web forms on your website to start your digital workflow. Instead of keeping countless copies of blank paper forms around, direct your clients to fill out their details paperless.

If you are working with a physical chart system, the digital form can be printed and reprinted as required. Since you only need to create paper copies of relevant forms, you’ll be saving money and space.

Form Filler Supports Field’s Types:

  • Text Box – free text entering;

  • Radio Button – create a radio button group with any number of buttons to select from;

  • Date Picker - add date control to select a date;

  • Drop down list - text fields with predefined selection list to select from;

  • Captcha - a box with some random letters or numbers in it which you have to copy into the box below. This confirms that you are a human being and not an automated program;

  • Submit button - a button needs to be clicked on to send the completed form. It may say ‘Submit’ or other option.

There are many advantages that electronic forms have over paper forms. Most significantly, electronic forms have the capability to be "smart forms," where input fields can be validated to make sure the users enter the correct type of information. With these forms, you can also control input by utilizing drop-down menus so users must select from predetermined answers.

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