Make sure that you will not lose your Google ranking because of Google's HTTPS Update

  • Jul 7, 2018

As many of you may or may not know, Google is advocating for a more secure Internet. They have announced that sometime in July 2018 (we suspect early July) they will begin to mark websites "Not Secure" in their Chrome web browser. Be prepared and avoid potentially losing visitors and search engine rankings for your website. We have written in-depth information about this change on our blog.

As mentioned above, starting in July 2018 non-HTTPS sites will be labeled as “Not Secure”, regardless of whether or not the page comprises sensitive input fields.

All in all, to verify that the Not Secure warning is not displayed for your pages, you must ensure that all forms comprising elements and any inputs identified as credit card fields are present only on protected or secure origins.

How to Make Your Site HTTPS Compliant and Not to Lose Google Ranking

As you obviously know, web performance and wonderful user experience are Google’s prime priorities, that’s why they’re giving ranking boost to websites which are quick by making speed a ranking signal. In the first place, you have to obtain an SSL certificate. These are obligatory in order to make your site secure.

In a nutshell, SSL certificates “are small data files that digitally link a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. Once installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and permits secure connections from a web server to a browser. There are many unlike types of SSL certificate, and which one you choose, depends on your company and website needs.

Finally, by adapting your website to HTTPS your visitors will see a happy green indicator that your site is secure. Well done!

Are There Benefits of HTTPS Adapting?

Improved Google Rankings

Day by day, more business owners get hip to the fact that online competition needs digital marketing and an additional advanced strategy for SEO, way beyond on-page SEO basics. It goes without saying that paying attention to this SSL detail could be the factor that allows your site to rank higher than a competitor.

Improved Brand Perception

As far as we can judge, when using HTTPS protocol, there’s an explicit amount of trustworthiness in your website visitor’s eyes. It’s essential for users to realize that you respect their security and privacy. But other than that, avoid that “Not secure” label that can actually decrease your conversion rate and sales.

It's Safer for Your Visitors

HTTPS is especially really vital over unencrypted Wi-Fi networks. Anyone on the identical local network, such as a shopping mall, or other public network can “packet sniff” and find out sensitive information about your visitors. HTTPS protects user data, but it also ensures that the user is connecting to an authentic site and not a fake one.

The importance of using encryption on the web seems to have started making the headlines only after Google decided to treat it as a ranking signal. Nevertheless, its role in improving a business’ reputation has been vital even before it became one of the search ranking factors. Namely, this security practice may paint a better picture of a company or website, which helps in maintaining a stable online reputation.

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