How You Can Use Alexa or Facebook Messenger to Increase Sales for Your Business?

  • Jun 15, 2018

Alexa is Amazon’s digital assistant brought to life through the company’s Echo home-based speaker device. Therefore, voice-activated technology is already here, and it’s prompting every aspect of our lives.

Moreover, with the boom of voice commerce, your brand needs to be where consumers are searching for solutions. By the way, particular and unique content marketing strategies will be leveraging this channel and developing Alexa capabilities in order to engage target markets. It’s should be mentioned that Amazon has uncovered a market need, and developed a new and extra suitable channel for consumers to get what they want.

Fascinating Facts:

  • Consumers are pleased with the interactions and highly recommend the gadgets.

  • The devices are conduct various — consumers use the devices regularly and frequently rely on them.

  • Consumers are pleasantly surprised by the comfort of use, accuracy, and functionality.

  • There is an opportunity for generating awareness for 3rd party skills.

Let’s have a look at Facebook Messenger.

With the help of live chat tools customers can receive immediate responses to basic, repeatable questions. As this technology becomes more advanced, expect to seу more and more companies embrace to involve online customer service.

Firstly , Facebook Messenger can work for your profit when someone comes to your store to make a purchase. Secondly, before they decide to pull the trigger they can ask you any questions they want. As a great bonus, you can also use the Messenger sales channel to reply to customers’ questions and deliver automated notifications about their orders.

Additionally, it works equally to any customer support chat box you would place on your own website. The chatbots can be used different ways to boost sales and build customer loyalty.

A Buy Now button can go right into the chat, holding your customers in Facebook, and preventing them from having to take any additional steps to make the purchase.

Gone are the days when companies could simply upload plain text blog posts or use simple marketing strategy. Nowadays, stores can’t compete without offering excellent ecommerce options. Consumers don’t just want to be inspired; they want to turn excellent service into reality.

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