How to stand out at Expo and Trade Show

  • Mar 2, 2018

Expo and Trade shows seem to be a well-designed platform for new prospects seeking. And this is a real fact, but only carefully planned and executed trade show promotions are actually recognized as helpful and beneficial for your exhibiting goals. So, how to get the most out of an exhibition?


The first thing all exhibitors are competing for is precious attention. In this way, the usage of smart digital component definitely enhances a visitor’s engagement. Moreover, exhibits should be recognizable from a distance and lure attendees to drop in. More and more exhibitors replace traditional printed signboard with an appealing digital substitution such as video window display. In addition, it is much more affordable than you could think before.

Types of AR For Expo And Trade Shows

Device-based AR

In this model, a tablet or smartphone becomes the window into an augmented view of the user’s surroundings. The technology can be included for example to provoke experiences around a venue.

Mirror AR

This fantastic alternative lets a person to see a personal reflection with additional imagery or content layered on the top of it. This kind of AR solution provides a valuable media platform and a branding opportunity. On top of everything else it keeps audiences of all ages entertained. For instance, at an expo show, this type of AR can be used on a screen to serve as a magnet for attendees to lure them in. Photo technology also can be involved in the mirror so guests can save and share a snapshot of their augmented image.

Transparent AR

A transparent LED display is utilized as a window into a three-dimensional, virtual environment. One of the most evident benefits of this is the possibility to implement transparent AR for a large group of demonstrations.

Interactive Walls and Screens

Interactive things are becoming a second essence to people of all ages due to the mobile era. Touch screens and interactive walls provide visitors with a fresh, new experience by putting them in the driver’s seat and allowing them to interact with your multimedia content on their terms. Visitors can explore your “story” and manipulate elements, such as enlarging or rotating images, playing videos and clicking on text and links.

During your thorough considering of the ideas, you can implement at Expo and Trade shows do not underestimate Augmented Reality. Most of your competitors have already realized its importance. People no more desire to remain passive spectators, they want to be active participants.

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