How to save 1 million$: 5 Examples of Effectively Launched Chatbots

  • Sep 3, 2018

Chatbots are considered to be the new age as more top brands are advancing the technology and integrating it into their chat systems. The most essential thing for a user is to achieve a goal doing little. And chatbots serve as a medium of this intent. The statistics show how social media industry is growing and how people stop being afraid to have interactions with robots.

Chatbot is economically valuable method to make use of social media and messengers to enhance organization service or intensify sales. Just imagine, some bots have already delivered sufficient profit to their creators!

Chatbot can save you actual money! Do you want to observe the examples? Sure, you do.

There are 5 cases of effectively launched chatbots that have brought their companies profit, conversion and client loyalty.

Chatbot Julie from Amtrak

Amtrak is a notably loaded transport company that provides transportation to people all around the USA. Amtrak managed to save more than 1 million of company’s budget!

Julie is a virtual assistant. She presents a full navigation throughout the website and looks for the shortest route to the destination required. Any query can’t be left without a solution. In case you choose a route, bot transfers you to the page where you can book tickets. Julie generates significant profits for its corporation.

Chatbot a year value:

  • the rise of booking by 25%;

  • about $1 million saved on customer service and support;

  • the amount of site visitors increased up to 50%;

  • proceeds of booking tickets online increased up to 30%.

Chatbot from Expensify - concierge service company

Expensify develops and spreads computer software to help users to take control of their expanses. Chatbot meets a person throughout his first acquaintance with a programme. It attempts to answer every point. It also can connect you with a real manager in some exceptional cases.

Chatbot value:

  • users bank issues reduced up to 75%;

  • the number of subscriptions on demo version has increased more than fivefold.

Facebook Messenger Assistant and AI-powered Robot from 1–

It’s the leader of gift industry in the USA. It launched the first chatbot for Facebook Messenger in 2016 and it is still functioning.

It is a simple but distinct bot for Facebook Messenger. It asks you what you need, offers variants, takes orders for delivery, connects you with the real consultant.

Chatbot value:

  • this assistant increased the number of orders by 6% just in two months;

  • 70% of these orders came from new users.

Chatbot Grizzly Digital Company

The bot itself sends notifications about changes in site ranking, as well as the new requests that came from contact form on the website. Bot sends statistic reports every week from Google Analytycs and Yandex Metrix. As additional bonus, it sends notifications if site is at the top of new search results. Chatbot functionality increased clients' loyalty and helped managers greatly, who are receiving information immediately.

Chatbot value:

  • increased the usage of the bot among customers up to 65%;

  • saved over 600 working hours of account managers;

  • increased the lifetime value of customer (LTV) by 40%, as the customers see the work progress and stay with us.

Just imagine: the client can choose and order a bunch of flowers for his better half without leaving the messenger. He does not need to think where to find necessary information on the website: he can just send the question to the virtual bot assistant and it automatically transfers the customer to the relevant page.

Bot from YouDrive Company

The most recent problem was touched upon typical user queries that managers had to answer all the time. To reduce the waiting time to the maximum the company created chatbot to answer FAQ.

YouDrive Chatbot consults car repair questions. It suggests queries with the help of drop down buttons, then it sends answer or a video link to follow.

Chatbot Value:

  • сalls and email queries reduced up to 66%, as a result managers load as well.

Nowadays, a lot of consumers feel embarrassed speaking by phone. You have a great opportunity to make their life easier and better. Help them make their orders or get services right from the messenger. Virtual assistant will simplify search process and it’s exactly what your potential client expects.

Forget about waiting another couple of years for intelligence to alter the way. If you would like to win ahead, you will need to double down!

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