EZtory is among top 10 tech entrepreneurs of Smart & Safe Cities Initiative 2019

  • Mar 21, 2019
EZtory is among top 10 tech entrepreneurs of Smart & Safe Cities Initiative

On March 20, 2019, International Smart & Safe Cities Symposium took place in San Diego. This event, hosted by CyberTech and the San Diego’s Smart & Safe Cities Initiative, includes thought leadership, innovation, and industry collaboration from around the world, but it is focused on improving San Diego.

EZtory was chosen among top 10 tech entrepreneurs of 2019 Smart & Safe Cities Initiative. This startup was presented by its CTO, Anthony Lancaster.

top 10 tech entrepreneurs of 2019 Smart & Safe Cities Initiative

EZtory is an innovative sales platform that has a goal to provide an extra income for everyone. It is a place where users can make an extra cash with NO upfront investment and ZERO down payment.

EZtory has started as a platform for brick-and-mortar retailers helping them optimize their sales process. Working with its clients, the company slightly shifted its focus to e-commerce consumers, finding in this market a bigger demand, and modified its platform following the customers’ needs.

Nowadays, eZtory is not only a sales platform, but it also offers an interactive Mobile App with AR (Augmented Reality) for all users. The startup uses AI for machine learning and market predictive analytics, and builds the supply chain platform based on the blockchain.

How it works

Any user can pick up a FREE “ready-to-go” e-commerce store that is already fulfilled with products, and start sale immediately. The user can also print a free magazine and sell your products from there with Augmented Reality “buy now” function and QR codes for a bigger demand. Anyone can make sales and earn money while doing social media blogging, making videos on YouTube, or selling from a printed signage.

The user will get a ready-to-go website for free with zero investments, and make 20% of every sale.

The eZtory CTO, Anthony Lancaster says:

"It is Simple, Fast, and Risk Free. And the most important, it doesn't require upfront investment and down payment."

Being an entrepreneur, Anthony follows the three main rules:

  • Believe in your business so much to succeed in the future. Sacrifices will be made, so be able to live with them.
  • Run your startup like a business. Hustle every day.
  • Find great partners who love the idea as much as you do.  It is never a solo adventure to success.

So, let's wish to EZtory to succeed and help its users to earn money using its platform.